NativeGeometry is an enhanced geometry manager for LiveCode.

NativeGeometry allows you to create quickly a complex and localizable graphical user interface, that is as fast as your own script and with the ease of use of the built-in Revolution Geometry manager!

New features of version 3:

  • More intelligent : Scale up/down your entire application. Create DPI aware applications.
  • More performant : New object dependencies solver. Faster and more reliable.
  • Still Easy of use : Easy and powerful graphical geometry editor.
  • Easy to use Geometry Manager
  • NativeGeometry has been designed to be the most productive tool for everyone, and not only for IT engineer. Its easy to use GUI enables you to develop faster than ever!

  • Scale up/down your application in one click New in version 3!
  • NativeGeometry 3 introduces the new scaling feature. With it you can increase/decrease the size of your entire application instantly.

  • Mobile support New in version 3!
  • NativeGeometry 3 is fully working on mobile. With the scaling feature you can create quickly an application that is working on all screen resolution and DPI!

  • Blazing performances Improved in version 3!
  • The geometry relation compiler optimizes the geometry of your application.

    NativeGeometry is as fast as if you wrote yourself the resizing operations in the "resizeStack" handler!

  • Automatic object dependencies Improved in version 3!
  • NativeGeometry has a unique automatic object dependencies solver that allows you to forget the object resizing order.

    You can create complex objects geometry inter-dependancy easily with NativeGeometry.

  • Cross platform, DPI Aware and localizable GUI
  • NativeGeometry can resizes your objects to make them fit their content, with this feature you can quickly change the text or the font of your application without carrying about the update of objects size!

  • Complete programmable API
  • NativeGeometry is a developper tool, you can update/modify/tune the geometry of your application at runtime with the NativeGeometry api.

    The "nGeometry" property allows you to directly set the geometry of an object in your application.

  • Advanced features
  • For power user, NativeGeometry is the ultimate tool; You can write custom advanced geometry relations exactly like if you were writing scripts, but with the advantages of the geometry compiler and the automatic object dependency solver.

    NativeGeometry even support conditions inside geometry relation!

  • Easy to implement and compatible with already existing code
  • NativeGeometry is non intrusive and can be used inside your existing application, you just have to call manually NativeGeometry at the end of your resizeStack handler or simply "pass resizeStack" it.