The NativeSoft LiveCode extension suite

At NativeSoft, we trust in LiveCode, but it has few missing parts in order to be the best Rapid application development tool.

Our extensions has been developed to enhance LiveCode and are designed for professional as well as hobbyist developers.

Have a complex design without headache

NativeGeometry is an enhanced geometry manager for LiveCode.

With its intelligent engine, NativeGeometry allows you to create complex scalable and localized application layout with an incredible ease of use.

Display your data elegantly

DataTree allows you to place native lookalike tree controls inside your LiveCode application.

With its extensive documentation, it is really easy to start using trees inside LiveCode.

Increase code reusability

NativeDoc allows you to use the JavaDoc or Doxygen documentation syntax inside LiveCode.

You can browse directly within LiveCode your sourcecode documentation or generate a website.