DataTree is a tree view component for LiveCode.

DataTree allows you to place native lookalike tree controls inside your LiveCode application.

DataTree 3.0 :

  • Drag'n'drop : Manipulating data has never been easier.
  • Badges : Inform your client of news in your apps with beautiful badges.
  • Themes : DataTree is even more tightly integrated with OSX and Windows, and support custom themes.
  • Display your data elegantly
  • DataTree trees look like native control on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 and OsX.

    Your application will look more integrated and will enforce the fact that it has been well written.

    DataTree support as well custom theming.

  • Show icons and/or checkboxes inside node
  • DataTree can show display nodes with an icons or with a checkbox.

    You can create complex interactive tree easily by simply displaying a checkbox.

  • Drag'n'drop
  • With DataTree you can Drag'n'drop node inside the same tree and between trees.

    The drag'n'drop looks like the LiveCode drag'n'drop, there is no need to learn something new.

  • Badges
  • Informs your users about the amount of unread emails, or the number of news!

    The badges is a number informations placed next to the text on Windows and inside a bubble at the right on OsX.

  • Tooltips
  • DataTree 2 allows you to set custom tooltip on each nodes.

    By default if the node text cannot be shown entirely, the tooltip contains the text of the node.

  • Commands
  • You can attach a custom "action string" to nodes.

    The "action string" is passed to the control during events and it can helps you to provide the appropriate response to the user's action.

  • Extensive documentation and a lot of examples
  • DataTree is heavily documented in order to help you to start quickly with the component.

    There is an example for each features of the library, helping you to have things done quickly.