NativeDoc is a source code documentation tool for LiveCode.

NativeDoc 3 enables you to browse or generate a documentation from your source code. The documentation is extracted directly from the scripts and is directly browsable within the LiveCode IDE. Review, search and navigate through your documentation with NativeDoc 3.

New features of version 3.0:

  • Navigator : Automatic change detection, new search, see errors and more!
  • Generator : New documentation generator window, do quickly your job.
  • Core : A lot of new features, faster, more developer centric.
  • Standard source code documentation
  • NativeDoc is compliant with the industry leading documentation format: JavaDoc and Doxygen.

    Learns one way to write source code documentation and reuse it in all languages!

  • Dictionary Navigator
  • Navigate through your documentation within the LiveCode IDE.

    Review, search and navigate easily through your documented stacks.

  • Generate web site documentation
  • NativeDoc can generates a complete fully customizable website.

    With its navigation tree, users are able to navigate quickly through your documentation.

  • Share documentation - XML Import/Export
  • Export your documentation to share it with your team or with the world. Users of your documentation will be then able to import it inside NativeDoc.

    In addition, to import documentation no NativeDoc licenses is required!