About us

From 2007 to 2014, NativeSoft focused on providing powerful and easy to use software to the world.

At NativeSoft, we trust in LiveCode as more than a simple RAD (Rapid Application Development), we encourage the development of complete and complex applications with Runtime Revolution.

NativeSoft products add to LiveCode the missing parts to reach this goal, DataTree adds the tree view control, NativeDoc the source code documentation and NativeGeometry the geometry layout management.

NativeSoft acquired DataTree from The WorcesterSource (Steve Checkley) in 2011. The first version is still badged Steve Checkley but version 2.0 is entirely a NativeSoft product.

NativeGeometry and NativeDoc are the latests NativeSoft product, it contains the latests technologies developed at NativeSoft Labs, resulting in a high-quality graphical user interface with a strong and powerful back-end engine.

NativeSoft was based in France.

And today?

NativeSoft helped the man behind it, Damien Girard to get a top software engineer job at Microsoft.

Since then, NativeDoc, NativeGeometry and DataTree has been open sourced in LGPL v3.0 license.