Why NativeSoft products don't work on LiveCode Community edition?

With the release of LiveCode community edition, all proprietary LiveCode extensions could not be used anymore because their source code is locked.

The community edition of LiveCode cannot open password protected stacks, so that means that the source code must be freely accessible, and so open source.

Why NativeSoft products are not Open Source?

NativeSoft is not the main job for Damien Girard, the principal NativeSoft author. He is working today for Microsoft, and continues in its spare time to develops and maintains NativeSoft products.

The maintenance of three products simultaneously is very time consuming, and we cannot afford to give time to the community that would build up around our products.

That means that never NativeSoft products will be Open Sourced?

If we receive serious requests from companies/individuals to take over the development of NativeSoft products, we may reconsider this possibility.