Purchase NativeSoft products

Our products can be purchased through Paypal® by sending an email to sales@nativesoft.fr

Please place in the email the following information so we can create you a sales order

  • Product you want to purchase:
  • First, Last name:
  • Address:
  • City:
  • ZIP/Postal code:
  • Country:
  • Email address:
  • Phone:

⇒ Click on the image below to open a pre-filled purchase order email in your favorite email client:
(If the link doesn't work, please send an email to sales@nativesoft.fr with the information above)

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What is the purchase process?

  • 1. You (customer) send an email to sales@nativesoft.fr with your information
  • 2. We (NativeSoft) reply to your email with a Sales Order and the instruction on how to process the payment on PayPal®
  • 3. You (customer) proceed to the payment on PayPal
  • 4. We (NativeSoft) send you the license key once the payment has been received.

Because the process is manual, this can take a few days before receiving your license, meanwhile you can fully use our products in evaluation edition.

I sent an email to sales@nativesoft.fr, but did not received a reply, what is wrong?

It takes usually 1-2 business day for us to reply, if it takes longer don't hesitate to contact us.

How to purchase an upgrade of a NativeSoft product?

Please include the license key and any other information enabling us to identify you in the purchase order email.